Kicked Out Again

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oil on paper


22" x 30"


My work abstracts two narratives of the figures I paint and my own experiences. My paintings depict a  personal story of Life's reality that explores the psychological state of living as a Black male in the United  States, always in survival mode in a culture meant to create division and separation. I re-create my  personal experiences through conversations between my subjects by using familiar images, poses,  objects, environments, and emotions. Perception is everything, so I make it my mission to tell a correct  view of the figures in my artwork from my lenses as I have experiences judgments from an incorrect  perspective. When faced with Life's challenges and confronting pain, it drives out the imperfection we  face; Life's challenges and pain bring society's ills to light, such as oppression, health disparities, societal  problems, unemployment, and other issues. I paint a moment of my subjects going through these  transitions and finding similar experiences that I relate to because it is not my subject's fault that Life  challenges; it is the inadequate structures of systems built into institutions meant to oppress. I identify with the characters in my classmates, as their experiences and goals reflect a normal state of  mind. I am interested in my subjects' subjectivity and think about creating a composition that captures  their experience from their perspective. I also obscure perspective to show how the policies and rules of  institutions stop agency. Part of the process is contacting my high school classmates and discussing how  our experiences are similar. Next, I go into my city Pine Bluff, AR community, where I grew up to take  pictures of my classmates to create a similar environment and experience based on our conversation. I  aim to show the sitter looking off in a daze and train of thought because Blacks are responsible for how  the world perceives us and are forced to take ownership over problems that the system creates. By  working so closely with my subjects, I redefine a new perspective for Blacks and the viewer to develop  new authorship of existentialism due to the world's narratives of Black individuals being told in a  negative light without all of the facts. Hence, I paint to provide more information from two points of  view

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Markeith Woods

Markeith Woods

Markeith Woods, a native of Pine Bluff, AR, is a 2014 graduate from the University of Arkansas  at Pine Bluff with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts. In 2015, he attended Memphis College  of Art for a year, where he studied painting and drawing. Wood received his Master of Fine Arts  from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, where he received a full-ride,  including a Graduate Fellowship and Graduate Assistantship. Within his seven years of college  experience, Woods had been very involved in art competitions and community projects. He is a  national artist who has exhibited at various locations, including Agora Gallery in NYC, a solo  show at Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council, winner of the Arkansas Arts Council  SWOP, and a solo exhibition at Batesville Arts Councils and has an upcoming thesis show at the  University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in April. Aside from being an artist,…
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