Imagined Boundaries

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Multimedia Installation (Wood, Video, Projection)


On Friday, October 6, 2017, two parallel exhibitions titled "Imagined Boundaries," one in Iran and the other in Florida, presented a series of boxes in a collage-like composition. Some of the boxes contained video screens that show people looking out at the viewer. In Florida, the people looking out were Iranians, while in Iran the people looking out were Americans. The artist sought to challenge the notion of social and political boundaries and encourage the viewer to cross physical boundaries, in order to experience the reality on the other side.

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Raheleh Filsoofi

Raheleh Filsoofi

Raheleh Filsoofi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work incorporates ancient and contemporary media such as ceramics, poetry, ambient sound, and video and addresses issues regarding borders, immigration, and inter-cultural communications. She gives participants the opportunity to explore the dynamics of the ceramic process and the expressive quality of the clay medium, while at the same time emphasizing art as a means of social engagement. Through a series of scaffolded individual and collaborative projects, participants develop skills in the artistic conceptualization and a creative process that is never final. Current projects focus on local natural resources as the physical and symbolic essence of place and the values of community and stewardship. Through the projects, we sensitize ourselves to an awareness of Nature and its relation to the human condition. Projects in making are expanded through a curatorial project and conference discussions on the contributions of ceramics to socially engaged art.
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