I Drew a Line II

No Longer Available


lime plaster, copper sheeting oxidized on the canvas, Japanese indigo, rust & acrylics on linen canvas


30 x 40"


In these pieces I am just beginning to explore the appeal of separation.  It is a heady topic. I have many more questions than answers.  Lines reference and define borders, boundaries, and bodies. They make us feel safe.  I combine non-compatible materials and watch what happens.  Experimentation is my goal - not to discover something but rather to engage fully with my materials, delighting in the unexpected. I struggle as an artist to not paint a picture of something outside myself. I don't  know where i lost sight of myself as  part of the natural world. The action of making reminds me that i am ok.

About this Artist

Jeannine Mullan

Jeannine Mullan is an experimental mixed media  artist. She lives and works in Buffalo, NY. She has a BA in Economics and is a graduate of the Maine Media College of Film and Photography with an MFA in Visual Arts. “My process of making is anchored in flexibility.  I am engaged with my materials and coax them in their movement as they ebb and flow.  My substrates are both common and handmade.  My paints are organic and non-organic, made with pigments gathered from above and from beneath the earth. A deep engagement with my materials motivates me, and a reverence for a creative power greater than myself inspires me.”
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