How I Became Human

No Longer Available


Acrylic, graphite, and ink on Mulberry paper


30” x 22 ½”


I am interested in artwork and writing that more closely resembles a mind thinking than a mouth asserting. Poems and paintings can be more articulate than mouths anyway, and they seem to have a capacity for disclosure that prosaic, didactic language does not. My work is largely influenced by poetry and literature, the writings of theologians and philosophers. I spent years working as a laborer and valued the ways in which the physicality and repetition of my days continues to inform my thinking, and consequently, my practice. There are a lot of things in the world, and things in our lives, that do not have adequate names. I am less interested in the art-world than I am in the world-world, and I do this work because the arts offer places of clarity about those things that evade easy naming and easy resolution.

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Andrew Hendrixson

Andrew Hendrixson

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