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Mixed media on Artist’s Gesso Board (acrylic paint, tissue paper, liquid latex)


12” x 24”


As an artist I was self-taught until I retired from a career as a Mental Health Professional.  Much of my art instruction came at the encouraging hands of several talented teachers in Chautauqua’s Special Studies Program right here at Chautauqua. As I retired, my fascination with adults and their behavior turned to observing and enjoying the innocence of childhood.  Living in a beach community most of the year and Chautauqua in summer, afforded opportunities to spend time at the beach watching children at play. As I age into my 70s, I find myself enjoying both ends of the life continuum:  the innocence and imaginative play of children and the hopeful rewards of The Life to come.  This painting is my vision for the latter, seen through the eyes of a departing soul approaching Heaven and the welcoming embraces of the Lord and the beloved who have gone before.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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