Green Cards

No Longer Available


Acrylic on stretched canvas


16" x 20" x .75"




The world is a "askew", I'd say, wouldn't you? Scurrying and scrambling, to and fro Hoarding, fretting I chose to let go And focus on the truth... I ponder and revel in the elusive silence of endless space and dream of my true origin. While some hyper-focus on what is to come, my focus turns inward, and beyond the sun. What are the chances we would be on this planet. Did we get a green card to get on THIS one? Why don’t the others know? Go! Away! Far away - that tiny thing that threatens to crush me! I will not embrace you I will not give grace to you! I will not hold fear that so many relish. In Green Cards, expressing my vision of creation, during such uncertain times, was my “ticket” away from the sideways, demented fear that captured so many. I found my solace, my space, my truth.

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