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Oil on canvas


6" x 8"




I create vibrant abstract landscapes through oil painting and drawing. Nature's rich visual stimuli and constant growth provide the foundation for each piece. I photograph nature to guide the color and composition of my work.

My process is part of the subject matter. I experiment with the natural tendencies of paint: blending, dripping, and scraping the medium on my surfaces. I embrace spontaneity, spurring controlled brush marks. To provide visual exclamation points, I mix intensely saturated colors with natural earth tones. In my predominantly monochromatic drawings, I use line work to create negative space and emphasize openness. Scale shifts from macroscopic to microscopic, and sometimes I portray both simultaneously. My work ranges from several inches in height to wall size.

Strolling through a botanical garden or hiking along a trail, I can’t help but marvel with delight at the millions of tiny details surrounding me. It’s a climactic accumulation of sensory information.

I strive to distill the excitement I get from nature into one slow image, so it can be digested easier. I compose each image from blended fragments of stimuli into a suggested landscape—a euphoric delight deserving of the spotlight I give it.

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About this Artist

Lisa Marie Jakab

Lisa Marie Jakab is a contemporary abstract artist who lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Primarily working in painting, drawing, and photography, she creates vivid abstract landscapes. Jakab received her MFA with Distinction at American University and her BFA, magna cum laude, from Alfred University. She has exhibited work in New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Arlington, Columbus, Berlin, Sydney, and online. Artist residencies she has attended include: Bunker Projects (Pittsburgh), GlogauAIR (Berlin), Chautauqua Institution (Chautauqua, NY), as well as the Art Students League of New York.
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