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Ceramics, oil pastels


13" x 7" x 1"


I make performances as a practice of reframing colonial relations. I make performances as a practice of indictment that gives a voice to my feminized Asian identity. I make ceramics in relation to the body to think about how materials are animated through movement. I mix materials with movement to demonstrate how the laborious body, the dancing body, creates tension to release objects from their colonial meaning. I am a Filipina-American artist and a daughter of immigrant farmworkers in Delano, California, home to the Table Grape Strike. Witnessing repetitive, monotonal labor from a young age informs my experimentation with movement—its racialized and feminized history. As a choreographer who works with ceramics, sculpture, film, and story-telling, I develop an aesthetic grounded in the textuality of objects, experimenting with how my bodily movements translate into objects and how they become a conduit that reevaluates colonial relations. Using dance and my family’s immigration stories as a substrate, I vacillate in and out of conventional gestures exploring and integrating other mediums and materials with movement. Drawing from experimental and Philippine traditional dances and ceramics, I aim to uncover generational histories to reveal the deep-seated politics embedded inside individual experiences. Prioritizing the individual and the personal with satire and dark humor, I develop absurd realities by attempting to literally quantify life situations and personal experiences. In this attempt, I expose the ridiculous nature of institutional policies and social constructs used to regulate perceptions and ideologies about race, colonialism, and immigration. My life experience as a Filipina-American woman informs my process. I utilize indictment as an artistic and political practice to voice the urgency to speak about contemporary social issues. Indictment becomes a form of subtle and subversive activism inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences in relation to my work.

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Kristel Baldoz

Kristel Baldoz

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