Crystal Blue Persuasion

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10 x 12"




Crystal Blue Persuasion represents one of the themes in painting that keeps calling me back …“imagined landscapes” and the longing for the natural world. One of the courses I teach is called “the heart of watercolor, the hand of drawing”. Whether the drawing comes from a pen, pencil or paintbrush the line work adds another dimension to the fluidity of blended washes thereby creating dimension and interest. As Willem de Kooning once said, “Watercolors is the first and the last thing an artist does.” That statement makes me smile.

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Lynn LeFauve

Lynn LeFauve

At the age of 17 I enrolled at Buffalo State College to begin my studies in Art Education. I had the privilege and honor of teaching art to high school students for over 35 years. I am proud to say many of my students went on to study in an art-related field. Here in Chautauqua, I’ve made many meaningful connections and friendships through teaching painting for over 25 years in the Special Studies program. Living in Buffalo and being a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, one of the oldest continuing Artist’s Associations in the country, I had relationships with some of the most gifted artists in Western NY.  I was inspired by them each and every day. I’ve always felt gratified to have a foot in both worlds: proud of my work as an educator and blessed as an artist.
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