Coywolf Guardian (Full Flower Super Moon)


Egg tempera, 22K gold leaf on panel


14" x 11"




New Pantheon     It began on one of those days. You know, when the world feels like it’s splitting apart or burning down. Amidst the chaos of current events, I fell prey to despair and helplessness. I wanted a miracle to set things right. And then it happened. A yearning whisp of a thought escaped and made like a renegade strand of DNA - an idea that began mixing, mutating, and replicating… Before I knew it, Mother Destroyer of Obstacles burst forth, trampling borders and stomping out racism, Abuela Giver of Nourishment materialized with boundless generosity, and a kindly spirit with the face of a Coywolf paused to ask, “Do you need a hand to hold or a friend to play with?”    New Pantheon was born: an ever-growing series of hybrid deities made to confront the world’s challenges. Christian saints and stories from my childhood are combined with gods and origin myths from around the world. These new hybrid characters inherit powerful traits from their parents, but they are not their parents. They connect us to the past and one another while inviting us to dream big and imagine new futures.    Let us begin. Together.   
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About this Artist

Yvette Molina

Yvette Molina

Yvette Molina is a Mexican American artist focused on the relationship between justice and caring. Her work incorporates processional banners, ritual, storytelling, costumes, action figures, collage, and painting. Current projects include New Pantheon, a series of reimagined gods born to confront the world’s challenges, and Big Bang Votive, a communal storytelling project where participants are invited to share a personal story of love or delight. Yvette memorializes each story with a painted symbol on a starry backdrop to create an expanding constellation of our collective joy and love.   Yvette has exhibited across the US and internationally at venues such as the Stockholm Fringe Festival, the American Embassies in Uruguay and Latvia, the Visual Art Center of New Jersey, Arsenal Contemporary, NADA Art Fair, Johansson Projects, and the Legion of Honor and de Young Museums of California as an AIR awardee. Other residency fellowships include Edward F. Albee Foundation, Vermont Studio…
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