Oil on Birch Panel


18 18" each


$700 each / Commissions Only


These works on birch wood panels, begin with mixing and pouring latex and oil paints simultaneously. The result is a balance of unforeseen elements and happy accidents. I collectively layer color, gestural marks and rich patterns into the work while the pieces are wet. Scraping, brushing, rolling, printing and sanding techniques are also used in the process. The juxtaposition of loose brushwork with tight hand painted patterns are meant to intrigue the viewer, with color serving as the primary motif that threads the multiple images together.
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Judy Barie

Judy Barie

For the past 30 years Judy Barie has lived and worked as a studio artist outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Her work has been shown extensively in solo exhibitions across the country including Boston MA, Washington DC, New York NY and Scottsdale AR. She has won numerous awards and her paintings and works on paper have been placed in several private, corporate and museum collections. She divides her time between her home and studio in Pittsburgh and Chautauqua NY, where serves as Director of Galleries under the Visual Arts program in Chautauqua Institution. Each summer she resides in Chautauqua coordinating and curating a variety of contemporary exhibitions.
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