Clean and Bleed




slip cast and hand built porcelain, vintage pearl buttons, drawer


13" x 10" x 5"




An old Chinese saying states: "One whiteness can cover three kinds of ugliness." The pale-skin beauty ideal is deeply embedded within East Asian culture. This saying emphasizes that having fair skin can "cover up" one’s faults, and that if a woman has a pale complexion, she will be considered beautiful and desirable. In these pieces, I place porcelain mirrors, gloves, and powder puffs in an old drawer, trunk liner, and jewelry box. These everyday domestic items can be hidden, tucked away and the perfect fairytale beauty can be kept a secret.
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About this Artist

Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Jennifer Ling Datchuk was born in Warren, Ohio and currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. She is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. As the child of a Chinese immigrant and grandchild of Russian and Irish immigrants, the family histories of conflict she has inherited are a perpetual source for her work. She captures this conflict by exploring the emotive power of domestic objects and rituals that fix, organize, soothe, and beautify our lives. Trained in ceramics, her works often use a myriad of materials ranging from porcelain to fabric or embroidery. Datchuk holds an MFA in Artisanry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a BFA in Crafts from Kent State University. She has received grants from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio as well as Artpace to research the birthplace of porcelain in Jingdezhen, China. In 2016, she…
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