Chromeostereopsis (yellow and purple)

No Longer Available


Iron, steel, porcelain, glaze, paint, and MDF board


18” x 12” x 2” each


In this series, I am using the idea of piping or industrial infrastructure as a metaphor for its human industrialist, in an effort to literally disconnect the industrial pipe from its familiar identity as a tool of connection and to give it a place of status.  In essence, to amplify the minutia.  To do this, I have created a literal framework of intense color as the immediate environment for this overlooked object.  Not only does the environmental color of the board demand attention, not unlike the color blocking of road signs- offering directives of where to look and go- it signals the viewer to take a closer look.  This environmental color also becomes a catalyst that begins to affect the pipes.  As the colors transfer from the environmental framework through, and out of the pipes, the pipe becomes the object that has been effected by environmental overstimulation. A feeling similarly felt by the viewer as they experience a sensation of visual overstimulation, something that can be both amplified or relieved by the patterning. However it is with the use of simultaneous contrast of colors that a sense of unease and overstimulation occurs, humanizing the overflowing pipe.

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Brittany Sparks

Brittany Sparks

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