Centering Information with Walnut Burl

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walnut veneer, glass, nfc tag, silver paper


33 x 19 x 1.5"


My work investigates how to learn from nature and utilize technology to translate this information. Like with many translations, some information like nuance and context can become altered. My practice aims to incorporate these alterations to have a conversation about living in the physical dimensions with nature and existing within the digital dimension.  These investigations take the form of sculptures, videos, and performances that are influenced by specific sites. For instance, in the work Centering Information with Walnut Burl, 2022 there is an opportunity to learn from the walnut burl through Near Field Communication technology, or NFC tags. This technology utilizes smartphone readers and is widely used in contactless pay equipment. Centering Information with Walnut Burl prompts the viewer to access an online site that contains a video of a possible environment that this burl grew in as well as a pdf from the US Department of Agriculture Forest department briefly outlining information about Burls, Galls, and Tumors in trees. This work then becomes a portal for the viewer to seek out additional resources to have a deeper relationship with burls.

About this Artist

Felicity Machado

Felicity Machado

Felicity Machado is a multi-media artist whose work contemplates the information gleaned from site-specific ecologies and technology. Drawing upon her multicultural lens, as a Brazilian-Mexican-American, she utilizes multiple visual, linguistic, and data-driven/digital perspectives to create her work. These perspectives take the form of videos, installations, sculptures, and performances. Machado received her MFA in Sculpture Dimensional Studies from Alfred University and her BA from the University of California Davis. Machado has shown work internationally at Dongduk Art Gallery, South Korea, 2020, and nationally at Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, NY, 2022, Turner Gallery, NY 2021,  The Basement Gallery, CA 2019, UCLA Broad Art Center Sculpture Gallery, CA, 2017 as well as Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery, CA 2016. Felicity Machado has won awards such as the Freemon Gadberry Award in Sculpture and the Maria Cary Anti-Gravity Award 2019 and 2020 from the University of California Davis. Others include The President’s Circle and The Clinton…
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