Beach Beauties


polymer clay and glass beads


14 x 11 x 2.5"




Art was my favorite subject in High School. I loved the challenge of creating something. After High School, life intervened and I never got back to feeding my creative side until I retired. Having creative people all around me, I wanted to see if I had “the gene” and still enjoyed playing with materials. I started taking classes in Chautauqua’s Special Studies program – and I was hooked! Classes were so much fun, the projects were so challenging, the instructors were so talented and such great teachers... I loved every day of every class. I joined an art group at home in South Carolina and have never stopped! It’s been my honor and privilege to paint, draw, and sculpt Chautauqua. I can often be found, camera in hand, wandering Chautauqua looking for people and things that delight my eye, and then using my images to create wrks of art that bring me joy. I hope you’ll enjoy these pieces with the same sense of humor and joy with which they were created. 
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