Arthur Goes to Coral Gables

No Longer Available




Acrylic gouache, collage, pencil on paper mounted on wood panel


22" x 18.5" x 1"


Replete with references to ancient frescoes and mosaics, my paintings capture a timeless moment through a contemporary eye. Since 1998, I have created a series of figurative works painted in oil or gouache on paper and board. Inspired by Indian and Persian miniatures, the vanishing art of hand-painted signage and the sacred and folk arts, I make paintings of diverse individuals. Following in the tradition of genre painters, I place figures, often women, in domestic settings. The figures are quiet and inactive, which contributes to the solemn and mysterious atmosphere of the scene. At times I incorporate collaged decorative elements from a variety of sources including old catalogs, field guides and vintage books into the work. Through meticulous cutting and pasting, I develop intricate designs and motifs which become a subtle aspect of the surface of the work. I use color and pattern to evoke emotion and tell stories of daily life where the viewer is drawn into an intimate world. My work is clearly inspired by the traditional, but the impact of personal history is evident in the quiet presentation of issues of gender and race.

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