Aqui Chambeando (Working Here)

No Longer Available


Colored trash bags and ready-made


18 x 35 x 55"




My experience as a first-generation Guatemalan American inspires me to explore themes of labor, immigration, identity, and place through works that mix non-traditional and familiar materials. I am driven to explore what it means to be first-generation, and to investigate the impact of migrating and assimilating to a new place while still holding ties to another land. Another mode in which I explore themes of my identity is through the examination of labor, specifically the labor of my family, and its relation to society’s perception of and interactions with them. Through my work, I strive to bring visibility to those who are often ignored by society, who do not frequently get the opportunity to control their own narrative. My family and our history guide me to share our stories; growing up surrounded by a strong community of hardworking, persistent, caring people inspires me to celebrate and showcase their experiences. I delve deep into the significance of being a child of immigrants, and, through that investigation, aim to honor the lives of my family, culture, heritage, and the impact of these strong people on others. My art incorporates influences from the history of my culture in contrast with modern issues we face; through this, I intend to present the plight of marginalized people while honoring their narrative.

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