Afterwords (diptych)

No Longer Available




Cut Paper


19 x 8 x 1"


Exploring light, shadow and the fragile medium of hand cut paper allows me to narrate my own experiences of the uncomfortable realm of impermanence and the comfort I have found in accepting the unknown. Escaping the modern -- the joy in being released from a constantly ticking clock. Retreating to the bucolic - finding a connection with my environment, a co-existence that is rare and precious. My work is a statement about the sacredness of history and seeking quietude in my surroundings. But it’s also an ode - an honoring of the serenity born from humble chores and a simple existence, where ones present musings and isolated memories mingle in time, uninterrupted. Working with the primary mediums of paper and fabric, I explore cast shadows and textural space through cutting, folding and shaping. 

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Diane Martonis

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