The Day the Boat Flipped Over

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This ongoing series of felt storyboards are reminiscent of the ones I grew up with during Sunday School. Simply made from hot glue and cut felt, the storyboards pay homage to a straightforward DIY process and the resulting oddball aesthetic. Rather than telling significant Biblical anecdotes, these storyboards tell bizarre accounts of faith or tales of the ‘miraculous’ through everyday objects in strange situations.<br/> The Day the Boat Flipped Over is a felt storyboard which captures a family fishing trip where we capsized our boat. The story investigates my midwestern roots, fishing as a sort of religion, and the religious metaphors associated with water.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith was born and raised in Wabash, Indiana. He received his BA in Art Education from Anderson University (IN), spent a year in post-baccalaureate studies at Syracuse University, and completed his MFA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2017. He recently joined the faculty in the School of Art and Design at Marshall University in the fall of 2020. (CHQ Alum ’07 and ’12)
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