34 Hours of Negotiations Between the World and Me

No Longer Available


Artificial hair integrations, linen, and hair ties


28” x 54 ½”

About this Artist

Quinn Hunter

Quinn Hunter

Quinn A Hunter was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and received her BFA From the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is looking at the way Black women negotiate between the self and the world. Between the crisis and the authentic. Through acts of self exhibition she is interrupting the view on the body and asking questions about the prescribed performances of femininity to the black body in divulging their limited imposed meanings. They reveal the persistent futility of Black female body reacting within the culturally allowed space and the subtle absurdity of it all.  The erasing of labor renders bodies, the spaces they work in, and the work itself invisible. This erasure of labor is amplified in the labor done by women of color, in particular, the labor done by African American women in contemporary and historic domestic spaces. Quinn Hunter looks at the way this erasure of…
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