Starting in 2021, we will begin the Chautauqua Visual Arts (CVA) Artist-in-Residence program. CVA has tremendous facilities in printmaking, ceramics and the latest technology and equipment in our digital media studio. Outside of the summer season, these facilities are not normally used. However, starting next year, we are thrilled to host professional artists to use our substantial facilities and resources prior to the start of Chautauqua’s Summer Assembly Season.

In the two weeks before our residency program begins, we will invite two professional artists selected by the Artistic Director and Galleries Director to make prints that will be available for acquisition at our galleries. These prints will be Chautauqua made and available to be Chautauqua owned! An opportunity to see two artists in action with our technicians assisting, this program embraces our mission of making space for others, allowing artists to create in our facilities. In addition, it opens our doors for Chautauquans to not only capture a glimpse of two exceptional artists making work, but to learn from them as well.

Prints that are made at CVA will be available for acquisition in our galleries as well as an edition donated by each artist made available at our Gala auction, raising money solely for scholarships.

Come back June 12–26, 2021, to see the two selected artists in action! In the meantime, you can see a preview of their work on our Galleries page. Thank you!

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For inquiries, comments and acquisitions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome your input and conversation.
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