Ivory Fu

I don’t apologize for saying things directly. I just care about you. And I care deeply about the people in my life, because their tears challenge me and their hugs are tender. They even allow me to get bored of them sometimes, and that’s a grace that we share, an understanding that we are understood and will return to each other. My art is about them, and by reflection, me and you. My studio practice is sustainable because my rage, happiness, gratitude, confusion, and their cycles keep me grounded. I joke about being a nihilist. But I’m just masochistic, only in a selfish, not self-sacrificial, way. I push to the boiling point so I can live longer. I’ve embraced the fact that I dwell: I throw things into chaos but draw them back and dissect how that whole mess made me feel. My art is queer and colorful. I had been fighting the colors for too long, and I’m glad I can now see them against these pockmarked white gallery walls and be proud of my (mostly) non-restraint. I like to get political, because I care about the personal, and I don’t want people to dictate the way you move through the world. I’ve been told that I have a large appetite. I see it as having a short attention span. You can decide which frame you prefer! A tl;dr list of influences would be: Ann Hamilton, Elle Perez, Pierre Bonnard, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Reverend Goddess Magora Kennedy, Cole Lu, Egon Schiele, Giacometti, Ernesto Neto, Eikoh Hosoe and everyone else in my archive of artists and thinkers.

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