Intergenerational Master and Enrichment Classes

Part of the Chautauqua Visual Arts is our extensive programming of technical classes taught by our wonderful Makers faculty. We are excited to offer a range of classes for virtually any age, any level of experience, and anyone who has an interest in learning, experimenting, discovering and enjoying ART!

Here’s a taste of what we are offering for the 2020 season, all online, which includes personal follow-up and attention not afforded while we are in-person at Chautauqua. This is an amazing opportunity to have a summer full of creating:

“Tiny Tapestries”
Learn the ancient art of tapestry weaving and create your own contemporary design! With a simple cardboard loom, you’ll learn how to plan, design, warp and weave while experimenting with color, pattern and texture. At the end of the class, you’ll have a small tapestry in the works and a setup to continue weaving on your own. How cool is that?

“The Ceramics Experience
How does one learn ceramics without a designated studio, without experience, without a knowledge of clay? We have not one, but four instructors who will rotate to share and teach essential skills, history, knowledge of ceramics, technical aspects of clay and showcase artists both past and present. It’s exciting and we’re thrilled for you to take advantage of the expertise of our ceramics team.

“Figure Drawing” and “Figure Painting”
There are many ways to think about figure drawing and painting: traditionally looking at a nude in space, self-portraiture, understanding proportion in various paintings and drawings of artists in the past and present, and figures used symbolically to express a message. This class is chock full of a wide range of experiences that will lead you in understanding figure drawing and painting from all points of view.

“Landscape Painting
Have you ever had the awesome experience of going outside and having bugs stuck to your painting? What does one do when that happens? The answer to that and all things painting outside, or from your window, or from photographs, reference material, and other pictures of what you may consider “landscape,” are explored in this fun summer class.

“Classes for Young Artists ages 6–11, 12–14 and 15–17
What’s so cool about our classes for young artists is that our Makers faculty treat young people as budding artists and encourage experimentation, group experiences, engagement in different forms and media. Here’s a bonus: If parents want to join in, they can accompany their children free of charge. How about that? Join us!

We also have one- or two-day workshops on subjects including:

  • “Introduction to Digital Photo Retouching” (What is that?)
  • “How to Document Your Artwork” (Need help with this special skill? We got you covered!)
  • “Lots of Printmaking: Intaglio Printing (Etching), Silkscreen, Monoprint, Collagraph, Multi-Media Print” (Have you ever made a print using butter and aluminum foil? No? Well, these classes are for you!)
  • Interested in our galleries and how to collect work today? How about taking a dive into a class with Judy Barie, the Susan and John Turben Director of Chautauqua Visual Arts Galleries, titled “Becoming a Collector: the Art of Collecting”? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready and excited to find out how to take some artwork home with me!

You can find all of our offerings in the 2020 Chautauqua Institution catalog of master and enrichment classes at

Have fun, enjoy, fully engage (yes, even online!) with our fantastic Makers faculty this summer. Experience knowledge like no other program!

We welcome everyone!

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