Undercurrents #4

No Longer Available




Graphite, acrylic on raw canvas


36" x 24" x 1.5"




For the past two years, I have been working on a body of abstracted figural paintings suggesting anonymous, yet familiar female figures in confident postures.  During my research, I had difficulty finding such images in contemporary media. Our society continues to define women narrowly with strict expectations of acceptable behavior, intellectual capability, and physical attributes.  I resorted to taking hundreds of photos of myself to use as models.  This painting is one of over a dozen works I completed ranging in size from 24” x 48” to 7’ x 14’.   To counteract images of objectified women pervasive in our culture, I created sizeable paintings of “average” females from various cultures and life stages to convey the importance of the ordinary woman. Pouring paint over the figures, which I reduced to silhouettes, is a metaphor for women’s ability to prevail.  I hope to contribute to our visual landscape with female figures that sidestep being alluring to convey strength and compassion

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Suzan Globus

Suzan Globus

Through her non-objective approach, Suzan Globus uses raw materials as both support and paint in her two- and three-dimensional work.  She juxtaposes natural and discarded materials like raw canvas and tree bark with bold color in various media or lets the unadulterated material speak for itself.  Globus focuses her artistic expression on creating a new way of seeing overlooked environmental and cultural issues, specifically gender equality and the fraying relationship between humankind and the natural environment.  Globus credits her formative years spent in Japan as the strongest influence on her work. She has exhibited work in museums in New Jersey and New York as well as juried and solo exhibits. Her art is in private collections across the country.
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