The Length of Daylight – III (Breath Count) 1-6 (of 14)

No Longer Available


Graphite and ink on paper, performance documentation


9 x 7" each




Tsohil works with their body and its ghost to contemplate the latencies of quotidian objects, images and phenomenon revealed in the quietude of their home.Their interdisciplinary practice engages with modes of making that allow for the sustenance of paradox as they flirt with the unresolvable. Often working from abstracted autobiography towards a documentary impulse, their work anticipates loss and collects ephemera. Their practice is situated at the meeting point of the cold conceptual and the warm romantic and engages with language and its participation in the everyday. They’re very attentive to time and incorporate its passage in their work through acts of counting, waiting, decay and disappearance. In some of their recent work they have counted their breath, measured a day of water from a leaky faucet, mapped light from their window, collected and evaporaated water from the five oceans, counted the seconds of a clock, swim towards a setting sun as well as performed aimless runs.

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