Say It Loud, Say It Proud (triptych)




Risograph prints on panel


36" x 36" each


$2400 ($850/panel)


This ongoing series of broadsides, a proclamation printed on one side of a single sheet of paper, advocates for Human Rights issues specific to LGBTQIA+ Communities and Disability Justice responding to right-wing backlash against populations that are minoritized and othered. As a Queer, Non-binary, Differently Abled Individuals these works speak to my existence and the existences of my communities. These risograph collages rely upon language to define their content contending with the understanding that “no position” is a political position. In the gallery the works are displayed wheat pasted to multiple wooden panels as they would be in built spaces accompanied by a city bench for seating. My hope for this socially engaged project is that the editions of posters will permeate the institution living in conversation with the Chautauqua Community, inspiring conversation and positive change.
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About this Artist

Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor

Brett J. Taylor is a print-based artist and art educator from South Florida, currently based in Columbus, Ohio. They earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from the University of Florida and their Master of Studio Arts in Printmaking from The Ohio State University. Taylor’s auto-theory practice explores the denial and disruption of binaries through engaging with both personal narrative in conversation with Queer and Crip theory to acknowledge that we are all in a constant state of becoming. Employing Queer and Disability aesthetics, Taylor’s work challenges static definitions and destabilizes normative constructs that standardize the body’s relationship to built space. Their work has been exhibited internationally including Field Projects, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Amos Eno Gallery, Agitator Gallery, the Eliot Museum, the Haugesund Museum of Art, and Shands Hospitals. They have 6 years of teaching experience in community and university print shops, including past Visiting professor of Studio…
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