Reweaving the Present

No Longer Available


Deconstructed Sarees, headscarves, Jute, Cotton thread, embroidery, floss, yarn


36" diameter


My work documents experiences of acclimating to a foreign culture while remaining connected to one’s roots. The move from India to theUS has been filled with varied emotions such as longing, uncertainty, and otherness. Navigating these emotions, my work utilizes tactile interactions with materials that hold cultural and personal significance. Familiarity of the material acts as an intimate connection amidst the chaos of cultural displacement. Using this intimacy as a foundation, I build new narratives that talk about cultural identity, longing and nostalgia as a means to reclaim my identity.Labor intensive techniques such as embroidery, weaving and knitting offer a language of re-construction. The repetitive nature of these processes, re-imagines material to give it anew form that acknowledges the past while looking towards a future.

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Aanchal  Raisahib

Aanchal Raisahib

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