Permanent Impermanence

No Longer Available




Acrylic, styrofoam, limestone on canvas


46" x 32" x 6"


This piece evolved from patterns and textures I noticed in a field, taking that which would eventually become impermanent, due to weather, to the level of permanence via an abstract rendition. 

About this Artist

Nancy Nelson

Art has always flowed through my veins in some form or another. Just a hair past my first birthday I produced my first 3-D project — a huge mound of sand on the beach, and my first 2-D piece at age 2-1/2 was a drawing of my stuffed teddy bear. (Yes, there are photos of the aforementioned, even if one would wonder if one was viewing an actual teddy bear.) I earned a BFA from Bowling Green State University, with a career in the graphic arts world, including teaching graphic design. The 3-D world reintroduced itself in my life several years ago via working with clay, a step beyond a huge mound of sand.
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