Per 100 Beds

No Longer Available


Wood, wood glue and fillers, acrylic paint, pencil


23 x 30 x 7.5"


Through large scale forms and installation practices, my work conflates and compares systems of building and systems of the body. Both rely on order to maintain a high level of function but become vulnerable when this order is interrupted. I examine where this event might occur, looking at the mechanisms both within the body and building. I consider the unseen and overlooked elements, the assumed operations. Pipes hidden behind walls, bringing water to a faucet; the “pipes” through which blood flows, carrying oxygen to our tissue. Operations that occur with little conscious control but contribute to the systems viability. I’m interested in the instability of these interconnected systems, the potential failure and conscious response. Often this becomes a point of departure in the work. I look for a push and pull between order and disarray, an attempt to control as form becomes less contained or illogical. My materials are mainly those used in construction, the mechanisms that allow for a structure to be built and the components that hold it together—wood, steel, spackle, glue. The materials offer line and rigidity but also flexion and fluidity, similar to the body’s bones, tendons, and secretions. My forms are driven by merging these qualities, offering elements of both order and unpredictability. More recently, my work has begun to focus on finished interiors, the architectural elements and the objects that exist within a space. More specifically, interior spaces that are built to care for the body, such as a hospital or clinic.

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