Meditation Stones 20

No Longer Available


Oil pastel and graphite on clayboard


8 x 8"


$375 framed


I create sanctuaries for listening with textiles, clay, sound recordings and body-based performances. The loom is my guide. My handiwork is my prayer. The physical labor of my work – twisting, stretching, wrapping, pulling, gathering, tying, and knotting, – are expressions of my body. I work with materials which carry their own secrets and stories, like old bed sheets and discarded clothing, rocks and earth, inviting them as witnesses of generations past to voice their untold narratives. Listening, a seemingly counterintuitive response to being silenced, is a practice of empathy. It is an act of simultaneous giving and receiving. While most recently my practice has responded to matters within Modern Orthodox Judaism, my work can be read more broadly as an indictment of and resistance to systemic discrimination against non-male voices within patriarchal systems. By subverting the silence of oppression through curating experiences of intentional listening, my work transforms listening into an act of resistance.

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