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Silver Halide print on luster paper


11 x 14" each


My practice investigates regulatory acts of bodily care alongside their ritualization. Through utilizing my own body, as a site and a given homeostatic system, I negotiate the problems of contemporary womanhood enmeshed within the patriarchal social order. Considering the gap between the surfaces and productions of my own body (its melanin, stretch marks, menstruation, etc) and the fictionalized ideal woman, I seek to provide another way of regarding our bodies, the histories which shape them, and the care necessitated by them. Highlighting the parallels that exist between the human body’s cycles to that of the Earth’s is a means of understanding and accepting the body and its regenerative and regulatory resources. Working with and within the domestic realm, I challenge what constitutes an appropriate natural environment, enabling a grounding within the reality of my own life, where I’ve had to learn to cope, connect and grow within the spaces available to me. landscapes explore the forms of unfired kaolin vessels as they absorb the artist’s bath water. In these photographs, the vessel- an object, ceases to be recognizable as such. It is transformed into a landscape whose features also read as a body. By making a visual connection between the landscape and the body, absorption and release are seen as processes that occur similarly in both.

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Leslie Gomez-Gonzalez

Leslie Gomez-Gonzalez

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