Je pensais au ciel quand je t’ai vu (I was thinking of the sky when I saw you)

No Longer Available


Oil and mixed media on canvas


30 x 40"




This current work is an exploration of what it means to be together. Imagery that gives the viewer a glimpse of time spent with someone. I am documenting moments of connection and support that are fleeting and simultaneously grounding. Time flies by when you’re spending time with someone you love but it also feels like you’re the only people in the world in those moments. As a black woman who centers black women in my love life and friendships, I am making these sensory-led paintings to communicate the tenderness, support and physical touch I cherish in my platonic and romantic relationships. The incorporation of beading and other tiny 3d elements serves to employ light as a texture in the works. Ultimately, these glittering elements seduce viewers from across the room, invite them closer to the work, compel them to view the work from different angles and leaves them feeling like they’ve just absorbed something beautiful and fleeting. Fleeting yet worthwhile, like spending an afternoon with someone you value.

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