Oil on canvas


18" x 18"




My art is about observation and interpretation of the built environment. I focus on decaying, peeling, structures, and infrastructure around us. My eye is drawn to combinations of pattern, texture, color, and lighting that I attempt to capture and replicate. I’ve collected these types of images for decades and brought them to life in three-dimensional reliefs, oil, and acrylic paintings. My purpose is to draw viewers’ eyes to the visual appeal I find in these images that they might miss when in sight but can discover in the context of art. 
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Jeff Drake

I studied Industrial Design at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) and Syracuse University. After graduation, I moved to Boston where I created graphics and architectural models for a consulting firm involved in fire investigation. I then decided on a freelance career and started building architectural models for lawyers to use in the courtroom. I specialized in producing three-dimensional reconstructions of fire and accident scenes. I participated in investigations and created exhibits for a variety of legal cases including the fire at Malden Mills in 1995, the Station Nightclub fire in 2003, and the Danvers, MA explosion of 2006. In 2002, I began creating wall sculptures inspired by industrial and rural architectural images. In 2011 I switched my medium to oil on canvas.
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