Cheers To My Cows & Shotor (Camel)

No Longer Available


Markers, Acrylic, used cardboard, used organic horizon milk carton, polar bear figure; Used cardboard, fabric, doll eye, paper, clay


16 x 16" (drawing)


$10,000 (drawing only)


I am an interdisciplinary artist who identifies as a CAMEL 🐪. I use this camel identity to tell the story of my artworks and metaphorically plot revenge against people who broke my heart in my human form. I believe that while camels have a powerful bite, immense weight and have killed people, they are not belligerent, murderous, or predatory. Like the Persian idiom Kineh Shotori meaning “to hold a grudge like a camel” I am emotive and meticulous, and I remember everything that affects my heart. My artworks are a study of myself and my search for freedom and autonomy

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