Basket Pitcher




Coil-pinched porcelain, airbrushed underglaze


4" x 3" x 3"




My current body of work reflects my childhood immersed in my parents’ kite shop at the beach. I grew up inside the shop painted baby blue with clouds and kites pinned floor to ceiling surrounded by patterns and saturated colors. This sensibility seeped into my functional work during the pandemic when I shifted to center my work around small joys. The playful nature of the surface mimics the way the pots were constructed using a simple coil pinch method frequently taught in elementary school art classes.  
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About this Artist

Molly Bernstein

Molly is originally from the coast of South Jersey and grew up as a beach rat with her sister. She studied craft at UArts in Philadelphia, PA & Tokoname, Japan where she gleaned how to see functional objects as sculpture. After finishing the Core Fellow at Penland School of Craft, she now lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. 
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