Backyard Incantations – Diptych (1 of 2)

No Longer Available


Oil on wooden board


12 x 12" each




By using my own experiences in Southern Appalachia, I address the uncomfortable experiences queer people face in society today. While progression continues to happen within the LGBTQIA+ community, people are still being rejected, kicked out of their homes, and harmed just because of their sexual identity. I explore the relationship between identity and familial structure, Appalachian culture, and societal stigma. My exploration into these relationships are inspired by personal experiences, and I use narrative figure painting to construct a story around my paintings. By using storytelling elements, each painting is a chapter to the larger narrative in the series of work. I explore tension by use of hyper saturated color, mark making, and pitting characters against other antagonizing figures and nature. Through storytelling, I want to challenge the notion that everything is “okay” now in queer communities when, as a society, we have a lot to improve upon to ensure it is safe to be queer in America today.

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Shawn Quilliams

Shawn Quilliams

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