An Incomplete List of Ways To Die In A Thomas Kincade Painting

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Video Appropriation




I consider this to be a post-humous collaboration with one of America's true Masters of Painting, Thomas Kincade. With his unparalleled technical skill and keen eye for the bucolic, Kincade created vibrant landscapes which evoke, in all who view it, a comfort that just feels like home. By omitting figures from his meticulous fairytale scenes, Kincade allowed his viewer, no matter their gender, race, age, or background to imagine these spaces as their own, striking a universal chord in the hearts of all who behold his work. My addition to this masterwork is a humble attempt to strike at an experience that is equally universal.

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Arcadia Mori

Arcadia Mori

Arcadia Mori is a Visual Artist, working primarily in performance and video. They received their BFA in Sculpture + Expanded Media from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2017. Since graduation they have been putting their all into being a performance and video artist in Cleveland, Ohio with, as one might imagine, varying degrees of success.
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