American Child 2023, 8 yrs old

No Longer Available




photocopy of my child, crayons from when I was 8 yrs old, mixed media


28" x 36"


I was moved to create this work in response to the current news reports of the many abuses American Children are subjected to in 2023. I chose to utilize identical photocopies made from a photo I took of my daughter as a child and then - using pencil, the crayon set I had at 8 years old, and some other mixed media - I superimposed the various states of trauma faced by the American Child in 2023 at 8 years old. These are all real current issues taken from the headlines. The situation of each child in the work was deeply researched so that I could present the image and accompanying words in the most impactful and clear way possible. I have chosen to arrange the images in this piece as a grid so that each mini portrait can be compared and contrasted to the others. 

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Lauralynn White

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