A Hybrid Body

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Bed sheets, knitted bra strapping, found object


18” x 16” x 9”


Katie Shulman makes sculptures through a choreographed process. Her method is sustained by a dedication to material exploration as a means to develop a visual vocabulary. Her pidgin language, comprised of bed sheets, knitted bra strapping and found objects, is employed to create bodily forms, with a focus in capturing both the static and moving body’s response to gravity. Her material based studio practice references dance choreography and Field's commitment to the exploration of the body as material that illustrates the universal sensation of embodiment. Her aim is to leverage her material language to achieve an aesthetic output that can recall for viewers these personal yet universal bodily sensations and realities.

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Katie Shulman

Katie Shulman

Katie Shulman is an artist from Washington, DC who currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. She holds an MFA in Studio Art from Syracuse University and a BFA in Fine Art from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her work has been shown wildly in New York State including the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY and The Strohl Art Gallery in Chautauqua, NY. In addition to her art practice, Katie has an over eight-year career as an arts administrator. She has worked in various institutions of higher learning and nonprofit art spaces in New York City like The 92nd Y, The Studio Institute and Hunter College.
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