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Through meditative recreations of classic ASMR/satisfying content (#iphone-destruction, #knife-cutting, #slime, #kinetic-sand, #squishies), THE MOST SATISFYING VIDEO IN THE WORLD is an experimentation in tactility and visual magic while contemplating YouTube as a site for art. The work explores the digital ether--the fetishistic, endless hole, playing with the tensions of “real” and “fake” through the screen. How do we delineate the artistic boundaries between internet videos, video art and film, and who is the authority on these distinctions? What content is considered mindless, therapeutic, smart, pleasureable, or artistic?

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Jade Wong

Jade Wong

Jade Wong is a video artist, production designer, arts educator, and cook based in Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA. Their practice sits with the estrangement felt in the process of uncovering histories, often manifesting through a combination of grief, failure, and absurd humor. Drawn to the excavative and healing potential of touch, sound, and taste, they engage in and document domestic rituals like cooking, crafting, watching TV, and eating. When it feels right, they turn to speculative fiction, performing characters and queering tropes. The processing of media becomes a tactile act of catharsis and play.  They work primarily with underground and independent film productions, and are interested in collective, non-hierarchical filmmaking practices. Their videos have shown nationally and internationally at Onion City Film Festival, Mimesis Documentary Festival, TRANSlations Film Festival, Burnt Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, Floating Projects Collective, and Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center. As a teaching…
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